Strategy, Sustainability, and Growth

With growing economic interconnectedness, rapid technological change, and massive globalization, companies need nimble innovative strategies to grow, and even sustain. At Hiteshi, we believe that in a dynamic, volatile business environment that we live in today, we need to focus on the company’s greatest strengths, think big, and make tough choices to achieve results, unlock true shareholder value, and create holistic engagement with all stakeholders. In an environment where performance gap is ever widening between the winners and the losers, we work with our clients in understanding the business landscapes of the future, re-invent their business strategies and processes, re-align the organization and its resources towards that strategy, and facilitate in gearing the people towards execution of the strategy. Towards that end, we offer following services and more: Corporate Strategy, Business Unit Strategy, Strategic Planning, Business Model, Innovation, Family Business, Fundamentals of Growth, Digital Strategy, Shareholder Value Creation, Sustainability, Entrepreneur’s Mindset, Global Trends and Forces, Business Transformation, Implementation, Process Improvement, Portfolio Strategy, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.


Human Capital and Organizational Development

At Hiteshi, we believe that Human Capital is a complex yet important part of an organization’s growth strategy. In today’s dynamic world, the really scarce resources are our Energy, Time and Talent. We help our clients become more effective and efficient by ensuring that the culture, structure, and capabilities of the organization is aligned to work towards common objectives, while taking cost, capacity, and compliance into considerations. We develop strategies, systems, processes, and structures to maximize employee satisfaction and organizational performance. This includes, but is not limited to, Organizational Design, Change Management, Employer Branding, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Appraisal, Compensation and Benefits, Payroll and HRIS, Retention, Learning and Development, Talent Management.


Customer Success and Market Development

In today’s connected world, where messages spread like wildfire - the brand’s success is dependent on customer’s success. It is therefore imperative that the brands focus on being faster, better, cheaper. We help our clients grow faster than the market by helping them design better customer experience, at cheaper overall cost to create distinctive value, brand loyalty, and sustainable growth. We facilitate customers in their customer strategy, experience design, marketing and sales, service and engagement, pricing and profitability. Hiteshi offers customer analytics through offerings like Market Research, Analytics, Consumer Insights, Customer Segmentation, Customer Lifecycle Management, Loyalty, Value Proposition, Terms of Trade, Revenue Model Strategy. We work on Pricing and Profitability Optimization, Contact Centre Optimization, Voice of the Customer, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Centricity, Omni-channel experience. We also do Ecommerce development, Product and Category Management, Brand Management, Marketing Collaterals, Marketing Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Channel Effectiveness, Training programs, Go-To-Market Strategy, New Market Development, Intl. Business Development, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, etc.


Operational Transformation and Excellence

The world is ever demanding for better, faster, smarter ways to do things that we do. Digital transformation and analytics is now allowing for quantum leap in speed, quality, efficiency and effectiveness, and revolutionizing the way businesses develop, make, or distribute their products or services. However, the development of global trends, never-before digital technologies, and ever-evolving industry ecosystems have brought companies face-to-face with uncontrolled complexity. This complexity can be turned into competitive advantage by developing innovative capabilities and efficiencies. At Hiteshi, we are reimagining operations with strategic lens and hands-on practicality to unlock value creation, drive growth, and lower costs for our clients, with the use of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, etc. Some of our offerings in this area of practice are Customer Operations, Service Design and Service Operations, Strategic Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Resource Optimization, Manufacturing, Lean, Six Sigma, Process Innovation, Product Development, Quality Management, Digital Operations, Operational Excellence, General & Administrative (G&A) Operations.


Digital, Automation and Technology

Technology is changing whatever it touches, and is disrupting the businesses across the industries and globe. It presents both challenges and opportunities to transform or evolve. It is now embedded in our products and services, and is important for business processes and service deliveries. Automation is now a central piece of transformation equation. The top management at companies need to manage digital innovation, digitize the core businesses, manage risks, accelerate digital transformation, and create core values around technology function, while reducing costs and complexity. To facilitate our clients on that journey, Hiteshi offers end-to-end solutions around Analytics and Data Management, Zero Infrastructure, XAAS, ERP 2.0, ICT, Digital Strategy and Transformation, Digital Consumer, Smart Enterprise, Intelligent Operations, Technology for Growth, Internet of Things, Social Media, DevOps, Business Process Management, Business Automation, Process Redesign.


Shared Services and Outsourcing

Third Party Outsourcing, or Shared Services Centers for support functions, are well recognized and widely adopted strategies to improve operations and business core capabilities. At Hiteshi, we offer high quality services across functions like IT, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Legal, Customer Service, etc. We follow a systematic approach towards these solutions, from feasibility assessment to designing the solution to implementation and operation. Our solutions are designed to be able to stay customizable as per Client’s needs. Because of our lean and agile approach, we are able to go from decision to delivery in a very less time.



Website Development

Tailor-made websites, both static and dynamic can be developed as per client’s requirements, budget, and deadlines. We can create super-premium fully-customized websites as well as free blogs and personal websites on shared hosting. We also provide solutions around website and hosting purchases, besides regular updation and maintenance of websites. Some of the technologies we are well-versed with are LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Weebly, etc.


Software Development

App Development

Ecommerce Solutions

ERP Programs